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Multitek M300 Series
Multitek Digital Meters M300

LED Display 3 1/2 Digit, 1/8 DIN; Digital AC Metering & Control 

PC&S offers a large inventory of digital panel meters with limitless applications for both AC and DC input parameters.  These low-cost solutions provide you with a wide range of monitoring and control applications measuring volts, amps, process, strain.  True RMS volt, amp and frequency units are also available. 

Choose from bright LED scalable displays in green or red, DIN style cases for fast and simple installation, worldwide input power configurations, fast response with exceptional accuracy.  PC&S digital meters also offer communications options for RS-232 and RS-485 and digital meters with dual set-point options for alarm and control. click here for more information and Specifications.

Note: AUX: 120VAC is power for operating the meter. Other power available, contact us


AC Voltage M300 DPM

Aux: 120VAC,Scale XXXX - can be any value between 150.00 and 1999 to suit PT ratio.

:   lbs

Frequency M300 DPM

Aux: 120VAC

:   lbs

DC Milliamp M300-DPM

Aux:  120VAC
:   lbs

DC Miccroamp M300 DPM

AUX:  120VAC 
:   lbs

DC Amp M300 DPM

AUX:  120VAC

:   lbs

DC Millivolt M300 DPM

AUX:  120VAC
:   lbs

DC Voltage M300 DPM

AUX:  120VAC, XXXX can be any value between 5.00 and 1999, to suit shunt ratio. 

Note: * = These items come with external divider box.  contact us.
:   lbs

DC Voltage M301 DPM

Multitek Digital panel meter

  •             Type          : M300-VD3
  •             Aux UH     : AC 230V +/- 25 %
  •             Class         : 0.05 %
  •             Input          : 0-50 V DC
  •             Scaled       : 0-50.0V DC