Replacements and New Old Stock for discontinued and obsolete Instruments
Moore Products

Many Moore Products Instruments are still available from Siemens-Moore, However, many of the pneumatic are now obsolete. we are attempting to assist firms in finding replacements or New Old Stock (you may find used instruments on ebay, but we do not list them here)

ControlAir products can replace many of the obsolete Moore Products Co instruments and we will point to them here and direct you to the place on this shop that you can purchase them. C T Johnson, Inc is an authorized distributor for CA


  Pneumatic instruments only  
Availabilty Type Moore Products Control Air
By Siemens      Equivalent
Regulators 41: 1/8 in FNPT: 9 SCFM 90-A
40: 1/4 in FNPT: 9 SCFM 100-BA
40H:1/4 in FNPT: 36 SCFM 700-BC
42: 1/2 in FNPT: 36 SCFM 700-BD
42H: 1/2 in FNPT: 100 SCFM Use Booster
Filter Regulator 91-HF 335-BA
Relays 6iH, 61L, 61F & 610 1:1 3015 psig flow volume Booster 200-BC
66BA2 Amplifying 1:2 600-BB
66BA3 Amplifying 1:3 600-BC
66BA6 Amplifying 1:6 600BD
" Transducers 77 I/P                           595-A-N
Moore Products INSTRUMENT Moore Products ControlAir
Obsolete Pressure Limiting 58L low Limit 90-A&71H
Pressure Limiting 58H high limit 90-A&71-Lo
Pressure selecting 58S High-Press. Select 71-HI
Pressure selecting 58SH high-Press. Select 71-HI
Pressure selecting 612 low press select 71-Lo
Snap-Acting off-on 671 NC 1-24 psig 74-Hi or Lo-2 way
Snap-Acting off-on 671A NC 1-24 psig 74-Hi or Lo-2 way
" Side Mount Positioner 72 CA20
I/P Transducers 773D Din Mt 900-AC
773F Field Mt 950XP-AC
New Old Stock Ball Float Switch 25S15 Moore Products

 Allow 2-3 weeks for shipments