low or high limit assy
71 Low or High Relay - 100BAT Regulator
Signal Limiting Relay
Replacement for Moore Products 58L, 58H,

The assembly combines an adjustable precision pressure regulator and a pressure selectable relay that is field configurable to be a high o low selector. The regulator establishes ether the High or Low limit depending on how the selector is configured. when the input signal exceeds or decreases the setting made by the regulator the output will be held to the regulator setting. Assembly consist of a ControlAir Low (use for HIGH Limit) or High (Use for LOW limit) pressure selecting relay, a  regulator and a 1/4" short nipple for connecting the two instruments.

CAD Drawings  71Instruction


Pressure Limiting Assy

consisting of Control Air Model 100BAT & 71, range 2-40 psig
:   lbs