Transfer Stations
Replacement for Moore 524A48 Nulmatic M/P Transfer Station

The model YK-315-6X6 replaces the Moore Products Model 524A48P in every "form, fit and function" in order to meet the requirements of the US Nuclear regulations. The YK-315-6X6 is an integration of pneumatic and electronic components that are readily available and warranted for one year by the manufacturer:

Qty (1) Texmate FL-B202 bar graph Indicator
Qty (2) Dwyer P/I Transducers
Qty (1) Fairchild bias regulator 85D
Qty (1) Conant 5-way dual stack valve

The model YK-315-6X6 Loading Transfer Station is a pneumatic manual loading station that provides a 3-15 psig (0.206-1.03 Bar) output. It has a transfer switch on the face of the station to select ether of two modes of control: automatic or Manual.

During both modes of control, the pneumatic output of the Station's pneumatic regulator is connected to the station output. In Automatic control, a locally adjusted bias is applied to the
station by the bias operation of the regulator.

The control modes are isolated from each other so only the selected mode provides control. It must be remembered that when in Automatic mode the regulator is will bias + the input signal from the remote source.

Two pressure to current transducers convert the pneumatic signals to 4-20mA signals to be displayed on the electronic bar graph read out. It displays the station input on the green bar and the regulator on the red bar output at all times.

General Description
The Transfer Station combines an adjustable biasing pneumatic air regulator, a pneumatic transfer switch, (2) Pressure/current (P/I) transducers, and an electronic dual bar graph display to replace an obsolete Moore Products 524A48P 6" x 6" M/P Transfer Station.



Panel Mounting Transfer Station

Instruction Manual  this is a custom made station, please allow 45 days for shipping
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