Gauges & Dials
The number one gauge manufacture offers the widest selection and highest quality pressure, & temperature in the world and.... made in Stratford, Connecticut, USA

We am not a distributor, but we are working with AC ControlsMec-tric Controls, Statesville Process Systems ,  who are an authorized marketing arm of of the finest instrument manufacturer that I had the pleasure of working for.

I was also a Sales Engineer for Moore Products Company who has been acquired by Siemens and, although they still provide some of the controls, they no longer offer the gauges that MPC use to provide for their pneumatic products.  We are attempting to help those who need replacement gauges and instrument on this shop and to this end the following Receiver and Pressure gauges that are offered for replacements. The Panel mounting "U" clamp gauges require a panel 3.75" (95mm) cutout which is the same as the old MPC gauges.