Fearless Pressure Gauges

Gauges offer 2-1/2" & 4" dial size rugged construction enhanced by the Fearless vibration and pulsation resistant Dampened Movement.  Contact us for pricing and delivery.

·             Vibration and Pulsation Resistant Readings similar to a Liquid Filled Gauge

·             Easy Shipping, Handling, and Storage

·             Long Instrument Life

·             Low Maintenance

·             In Situ Calibration

·             Replaceable Crystal, Instrument quality Glass is standard 

·             Accuracy ± 0.5% for 4" up to 3000 PSI

·             Accuracy ±1% for all 2-1/2", and 4" over 3000 PSI

·             No Possibility of Chemical Reactions From Fill Media when Dry

·             PROCESS TEMPERATURE LIMITS: -67 TO 212°F (-55 To 100°C)


OVERPRESSURE LIMITS: 30% of range span Standard

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The options listed below are available at an additional cost. Please Contact us.

·             G Laminated Safety Glass Crystal

·             G1 Acrylic Crystal

·             M Settable Maximum Indicating Pointer

·             N Adjustable Set Point Pointer

·             O Over-Range Protection


40sf fearless


Palmer Fearless All Stainless Steel Gauges are the highest quality instruments available for gas or liquid media. Their rugged construction and watertight bayonet case/ring design is enhanced by the new Fearless vibration and pulsation resistant Dampened Movement. The results are a Pressure Gauge suitable for demanding applications in all industries.