Loading Stations

Refurbished Moore Products 474K  6X6" panel mounting Loading Station

Replacement for Moore Products 2X6" 522K & 512K  Mini-Loading Station. 

These stations can be used for manual operation or backup to pneumatic control valves or remote set points to pneumatic control valves.


MPC 474K-15

Refurbished Moore Products 474K-15 Panel Mount 6X6" Manual Loading Station

The Station has been reconditioned by a Moore Products past Sales Engineer. It has a new 0-15 PSIG regulator, a very good condition pressure receiver gauge, and new tubing. Since it is equipped with a receiver gauge with a scale o-100 linear, but calibrated for 3-15 PSIG it was previously expected to be used as a remote set point for a controller, however, the gauge can  changed for a 0-15 PSIG gauge and then used for manual loading valves.
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mpc 474k-15 cal

Side view of 474K-15